More Than Just School



Nomaswazi High School strives to be South Africa’s leading secondary independent school for both boys and girls, providing a top-class education by cultivating a culture that embraces holistic educational practices and the best lessons of South Africa’s unique non-racial democracy. This will be achieved by excellent governance, leadership and management; highly qualified and experienced staf f; effective pupil ratios; proactive communication and collaboration with parents and other  stakeholders;  exceptional sporting and cultural facilities.



  • The realisation of potential
  • A positive work ethic and the life skills with which to meet the challenges  of a rapidly changing society
  • The qualities of self-discipline and self-reliance complemented by an awareness of interdependence
  • Academic endeavour


Nomaswazi High School’s Directors and Staff envision a school boasting a full complement of facilities and quality educational product that is provided to the community that it serves. We envision school possessing a legacy created over the years by the quality of results, achievement of the school and calibre  of  school leavers. All of the above provided at school fees rates that are affordable, we also therefore envision a community and society greatly advantaged by the existence of Nomaswazi High School.