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About Us

Nomaswazi High School is a reputable private high school fully registered with the Department of Education in KwaZulu Natal. The school is based in Pietermaritzburg but offers quality education at competitive rates not only to the KwaZulu Natal community but also to learners from all surrounding Provinces. Being in existence for 22 years now, the school offers not only a quality education but also the peace of mind that comes from a stable and professionally run  institute.

We offer the following Programmes:

  1. Grade 8 -12 CAPS
  2. Fully Registered with the South African Department of Education



Nomaswazi High School was founded in 1993. This point in time was a pivotal one in South Africa as Black learners were for the first time being allowed to enrol and attend at previously white-only public schools. The Founder noticed that the black students were having difficulty in both integrating and also keeping up with the language and standard of work at their new now  multiracial schools. This was mainly due to the disparity in development between previously Black schools compared to the previously White  schools

At that moment a Saturday school was opened that of fered extra lessons aimed at developing Language (English) and also at the same time providing extra tuition/support for all other subjects such that these students could be better  capable  to  adapt  and  ultimately  thrive  in  their  now  new schools.

With the employ of excellent educators, learning programmes and sound management of the school swelled in numbers and went on to service the greater Pietermaritzburg, Durban and Midlands area. As time went on more subjects and grades were added, the school moved to bigger and bigger premises possessing better and better facilities, employed more and better qualified staff until ultimately Nomaswazi High School was registered as a fully-fledged High School by the Department of Education KwaZulu Natal. Since initial Registration those decades ago Nomaswazi High School has never had its Registration revoked or dropped Matric Pass-rates.